Triple IPA Homebrew Challenge | PRO VS. SLACKERS

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Looking for a big, boozy beer? You’ve come to the right place. The Tripel IPA (Triple IPA for SEO) is one of the highest gravity beers we’ve ever made with a ton of hops. The best part is you can’t even taste the booze! #brewing

In this video, Kyle and Ross put their skills to the test against Martin Keen, professional brewer and creator of the popular brewing channel, The Homebrew Challenge. Each team worked off of the same recipe, but as you’ll see, the team’s methods weren’t exactly similar. All that to say (SPOILERS), two very different, equally tasty beers came out of the challenge. Martin’s was a more traditional and expertly brewed Tripel with a whopping 13% ABV, whereas Kyle and Ross ended up with a beer more reminiscent of a straightforward IPA. Both were delicious in their own right, and it’s a testament to the many ways one can go about homebrewing. We hope you enjoy this special episode, cheers!

Full Recipe:
Martin’s Channel:
Marshmallow Stout Video:
How to Make a Yeast Starter:

0:00 – 1:39 Intro
1:39 – 5:05 Grain
5:05 – 9:36 Hops
9:36 – 11:11 Yeast & Fermentation
11:11 – 18:28 Tasting
18:28 – 19:42 Outro

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