Home Brew: Apple and Lemon Cider 9.7% ABV. Turbo cider method, made with Apple Juice and Limopani

Home Brew Cider
Home Brew: Apple and Lemon Cider 9.7% ABV. Turbo cider method, made with Apple Juice and Limopani: https://youtu.be/f02Py-eHxZc .

Greeting folks, another day another brew…this time I made a very simple lemon cider using 4 litres of apple juice from concentrate and 400g of Limopani powder.

The turbo cider method is very simple, I just alternated pouring apple juice and Limopani into my one gallon (4.54 litre) demijohn. The original gravity was 1.070. I added a heaped teaspoonful of Lalvin EC1118 champagne, sparkling wine and cider yeast, and then agitated the liquid in the demijohn. It began fermenting within 10 minutes.

I left the cider in the demijohn for 7 weeks so that it naturally partially cleared, although it was still overall cloudy. After which I bottled this cider. This is where I made an error, instead of using priming sugar, I bottled the cider with some more Limopani for priming, and unfortunately it didn’t work, the end cider was only just mildly effervescent, it certainly wasn’t sparkling. Lesson learned, if I make this again, I’ll prime with sugar.

The final gravity for the brew was 0.996, making it 9.7% ABV. I left it to prime for 6 weeks, upon opening it tasted very lemony, I was more than happy with the flavour, but unfortunately it wasn’t sparkling for reasons that I’ve already mentioned.

In case you’re interested in the song that I was inspired to sing with the Limopani lyric, it’s called Lip Up Fatty and is a 1980s classic from Bad Manners, listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6fQnTyEniM .

Cheers folks!

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